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NUCLEAR PROJECT updated&Very Nice updateII + more

 Hello All Concerned,

I have a proposal for all of you.

Please look at and test following:

 NatriumCloride NaCl or plain Seasalt bombarded with Neutrons wil function as nuclear fuel with ease and No pollutions and Cheapest way of producing energy. Also is most high energyconcentration possible of any form thus extremely low weight. 4000 Horsepower per kilo ratio. So flight and mobility also can be served.

For Estimation of Value You maby Should Know also Stars Do Have Sodium Cycles.

 The bombardment of the NaCl can safely be performed with a Neutrongun made in a  +/-  70 centimeters(accelerationdistance) long vacuumtube and a voltage of 70kV radiating electrons at Lead what then will emit Neutrons turning into Gold in that process at the end(can function for about 40 years).

 This way perfect powerregulation wil be a fact.

 Also Gold irradiated with Gammarays wil produce huge amount of free electrons that with a little help from an external little directing initiationvoltage will produce huge amounts of power up to 1000 Amps a square centimeter and a Voltage up to 100 Volts per Centimeter.

If I Were You I Sure Would Experiment With Heavier Metals as  Electron Suplayer like DU Depleted Uranium.

And Such Also with the on Neutrino´s Based Solarcell Described Below Here because some radioactivity is Not dangerous where a on Neutrino´s Based Solarcell even in strongest shielded bunkers Will Work and by that Never have to be contacted by Humans or Life.

If …then it for Sure Will be Cheaper than Gold.

So you can use a nuclear NaCl fueled core to heat cycling water where in the Salt is dissolved toward exchangers to drive turbines and heatings or irradiate Gold (or do both) with the Gammarays from the NaCl splitting to produce direct electrical power where modulation of the high 70kV tension and direction of the initiationvoltages can produce instant  direct or alternating current of any frequency direction form and tension and need by choice.

 For safety and transport ease and usability  lightweight radiationshield casings can be produced by irradiating plain Iron with 2% Carboncontent with Neutrons until it turns White then you have Neutronium sortweight 207 kilo a liter. This withstands everything and any force and any radiation you will ever invent including Gravityshielding. Only a Black Hole and God Himself only can destroy this so take care Whát you make. A Neutronium casing plate wallthickness of only 3 atoms would theoretically be enough for every use including flight through a Sun. It is absolute isolating including electricity.

 Refueling Never wil be a problem nor the hertitage to Our Children anymore.

 Beware: The Critical Mass of NaCl is 10 kilo (10.000 grams) so inside a perfectly all radiation Reflecting casing like Neutronium this border will be VERY much lower 60% lower or about 4 kilos critical mass or 4000 grams (100.000 tons of TNT (+6times Hirosjima)).

 A load of 4 kilos NaCl in a 100 meter Neutronium barrel on a baseplate of 1 square kilometer will accelerate a projectile to half lightspeed and penetrate the Moon 2000 miles deep. The baseplate wil sink a meter at firing. A barrel of 1000 meters wil raise the speed of a projectile to lightspeed it wil shoot straight through the Moon leaving a vulcano on penetration and on exit and wil leave the Solar system with stil half lightspeed passing within two days Voyager where She is now.

 The fallout is Silicium.

 Now you know where your seas of Siliciumsand   called your deserts and shores   realy  come from   and why the Moon realy is so scarred and also full of Silicium.

 Once She was Terraformed and Civilisations mostly our elderly  Lived on it until 100.000 years ago. The deluge had reached My Civilisation and poisoned Our Souls We went mad and psychotic.

Earth´s Atmosfere sank by 200 millibars by the countless explosions that created Silicium fallout by fusing the Atmosfere´s Nitrogen and all of the Moon´s Atmosfere dissapeared completely in this end of Times war that lasted for a thousand years and also on Galactic schale. Rape and violence did that and the taking away of our Freedom.

 God helped us by creating Christ until We were anihilated again 13.000 years ago and the Civilisation of Lord Chrisna was destroyed the same way. That is why Afrika and middeleast look the way they do and Avalon and Eden(Eve and Adam) went down.

You will probably not know how much stil you are in the day after for these 13 millenia already and what extreme  consequenses on Evolution and Creation it got and had to build up from the absolutest scratch again. Even learning to Speak to Think to Discover Happiness and Peace again.. to Dress again…had become Man eaters …all was lost and start of farming 10.000 years ago a memory of a lost past.

 Instant production of Hydrogen and Oygen out of Water does Not have to be any problem so you can use such Reactor for flight airplanes jets and rockettravels with Speeds beyond your Dreams.

For example Water ionised in a Wolfram tubing at about 2100°C with highpower Currents can be the fuel for that where Cryonic Magnetism during ionisationstage also can Boost that up very much more and the deionisation by combustion after that neutralises it again regarding the magnetic acceleration and gives extra push.

Please beware of radiation. Always when high velocity ions and magnetism is involved. For example magnetism can create syncrotron radiation and accelerated Hydrogenions are used on targets to create Neutrons. So some materials and setup used could create danger. High electric tensions can produce röntgenradiation.

 A Marsflight as any where ever would be breathtakingly more faster and also chronically accelerating and déaccelerating so gravity all the way. Civilisations did and DO Travel interstellar and intergalactic with this principle. But to this much more tech and knowledge not yet available belongs to it to survive that like gravity compensators. This type of engine can produce up to a million g´s. These are ten meters long. But Interstellar by high g probes and stellar  to the Moon Planets and other Moons already should indeed be possible.

 These Engines can be so Efficient that a Spaceship 5 times the size of the Apollo can be in Orbit with one cup of Water and you can detect there are No lightspeedborders nor wil you forever stay young at these speeds.

Satellites can stay longer in duty with more efficient fuel use. Where a Engine as small as your fist already can lift 40 kilotons to give you a  Image of Schale Possible and Possibilities.

 This type of engine is  also  used to change positions and orbits of Moons and Planets. And the extreme exhaust velocities might make it also usable to terraform the Moon again and other objects because it throws matter at extreme speeds.Also a sourche of Atmosfere could be Silicium because it in fact already is fused gas and ionisation with plenty energy around could reverse that at a place like the Moon.

Also sending your nuclear and chemical waste into the Sun should be No problem anymore. With absolute Guaranteed Safety with even  hardest impacts and collisions because more indestructable materials will soon be available to make endless reusable containerships.

Beware to Not throw anything  into the Sun made of Neutronium. It will keep floating and Not destroyed forever So a very real change is it wil one day come back as very high velocity projectile through the System and beyond.

 Many many possibilities science technologies and industries will come from what is said above.

 Thank You


 An other Idea against the pollutions and poisonings of your World:

Wood is made durable by very poisonous chemicals like containing chrom6 and such that even generate cancers.

Please try introduce and spread:

Cook Wood at 200°C at according high pressures of about 12 Bar for two hours. That wil Seal the Wood and make is also Durable and gets the problem of new Wood to bend all over the place away also. So triple profit about that.

Also vacuumdried and sealed Wood is Best Isolation there can be for utility at a ratio of 1 centimeter to 10 of the best plastic or polimers.

And Thank You again for Reading


Nice update II

For any  range io control and powertransfer and communications and signals Crystals made of NaCl grown at 200°C at 10 bars can function  as instant all range Device.

If communicating crystals are cut from the same crystal there is in your words quantumentanglement and immediate response at any distance.

These Crystals are the reason you never heard a piep from any Civilisation. They use this form of technology.

Communication  this way  is only possible between crystals cut from the same seed. Each seedling got it´s absolute own unique identity. But a seed crystal id pattern can endless be grown again for countless devices. Besides this means True Privacy and Safety  if wanted.

The crystals also can be used as power transmitters to supply energy of several kinds including act as kind of remote fed batteries.

They can also be used as quantumlasers  or other generator far beyond lightrange above and below lightrange  and  as lightsourches and io wireless io and laserelectromechanical interface devices. And to calibrate gps satellites and distance and position of any object and group of objects with unmatched precision with zero Time zero slew zero hysteresis zero disturbance halftime feedback on signal exchange.

These crystals can be used on beyond quantum computercores made out of diamond at - 100°C. At that temperature Diamonds are usable at the subatomic level and by laserlight with the above interface at many levels and used as core harddisk memory and io all at the same time. There are 3 states possible 1, 0 , -1

New more efficient Computerlanguages are possible with this technique.

Such Computer aswell as the NaCl interface are extremely capable to handle biggest datastreams and speeds. One Core size less than matchbox can contain all data Mankind ever produced up to now and more.

Devices smaller than the Eye can See are used and process the biggest and most complex tasks. So far what capability concerns.

With this interface a  Diamondcomputer or the interface itself can be used wireless with all distance ranges through every material and Planet below every Sea at every depht at any Moon or Planet in any Galaxy except Neutronium. And of course very usable on Earth because of the wireless uninteruptable undisturbable always same strenght signal. Even Internet gsm and 4K tv would have a Evolutionboost.

This way also you can find for your self lightspeedbarriers do Not exist. Even a few meters of wire and a same distance between crystalfamily fed with same signal should show at a 2 channel highfreq scope already a difference.

 If you want a Computer working at Roomtemperatures you could maby experiment with growing Diamond at 200.000 bar. Vesselmaterial wherein you could try that you already have with above.And highexplosives are in the 180.000 to 220.000 bar range. So can provide the pressure needed.

But maby nice to have instant image control and signal at solar and interstellar  adventures and research.

Maby one day millions of Kids could help prospect and discover the Seas Moons and Universe through Seti like interfaces…if millions of Probes are launches what should be a ease with these gadgets. Most systems do have enough water to refuel

Btw in Neutroniumvessels once molten metal and such will stay molten forever as it also is a perfect dewarvessel and do Not forget to experiment with a heavy object in a closed neutronium encasing but keep the doors and windows closed then. Maby even some centrifugal forcevectors of Earth could be a problem with Neutronium.

Ehem what I said about fly througs Suns. There is more to it.

Once discovered what can be done with the materials like putting hotels cities sats etc in orbits at any hight stationary or live next to a black hole then maby usefull to learn as opportunity that advanched Civilisations indeed Do Mine Suns for every Element they need by indeed fly through Suns and scoop some cubic miles of any Matter from titanium or Oygen from the Sun or Gold or Wolfram from Gygni B Nitrogen from Venus Water from IO or some of Jupiter or Neptune  in Tankervessels made of Neutronium where any weight is the same ease  and only the Newtonian laws regarding direction and acceleration are only players. So do Not scoop at the way down. A whole Civilisation can be Served with one Go for Years. And it stays molten. Terraforming with Such Possibilities is also some less troublesome.

These Advanchements are only Possible in Civilisations where Societies are Peacefull without violence and in Freedom without enforcements or rules or control or crime because with these absolute powers only 1 Member of a Civilisation is needed to end it. And so many so many did try that you know.

These are Civilisations where We Live by the Good Will and Toleration  of Each and Every Single Member of a Civilisation.

A loaded Tankervessel at sdl  or worse a Vessel loaded with Titanium that explodes by nuclear fusion at collisions at sdl speeds and a evil soul always did end these kind of civilisations where violence ruled they never became old and ended early in their advanchements.

Otherwise if Able to Cán Co exist thén the Universe is Liturarly a Place with No limits  nor should could you experience any shortage or need ever again and can Have Many Planets and Will Travel far very far beyond even the hubblerange.

Just an Intro to what it Can Be to Become a Galactic Civilisation and Have Happiness Joy Love Absolute Thrust and also For Your Loved Ones And Parents And Your Children Thrill Peace Discoveries Encounters and Adventure violent worlds never experienced.

Maby a first multi g Probe Some Could Build should be sent up straight up out of the Plane of the Milky Way and Have it Look Back?

Remember Neutronium is perfect Dewar so Cryonics should be No problem. And Conductors  coated with Neutronium can be Superconductors at any Voltage because it also should Isolate even highest Voltages. Maby then even Copper or even cheaper other materials could also be used like Tin.


Another one You could Like maby:

Batteries Li-ion are best at moment at Kwh/kg ratio

Try simple lead - and copper + in HCl HydroCloric Battery acids 10%

It should give You a 4 times better ratio with No emmisions like gasses and such and does 2 Volts a Cell.

A small package size small suitcase already can contain a 100 KhW from alternative energysourches what is enough for every household and Will Drive any Car.


An other Idea You would maby Like is a kind of Solar Cell not working in the visible lightrange but responds to the Neutrino´s from the Sun and other Neutrino Sourches and even Works at Night behind Earth for about 20% and deep under Sea and depths of Earth aswell in deepspace. In oppositie to regular solarcells this type is multi stackable layer on layer and Very Powerfull. It exist of copperplate with a layer of copperoxide and a plate of Gold. Instead of Gold Lead also will work but much weaker.

And a electromotor with highest efficienty and highest torc can be made from solid Metalplating where through the edges close to solid rotor or solid stator or both high current(s) runs through where they create force against a rotor or stator made also from metal or magnet. This is a low voltage high current motor type low maintenance highest efficienty and most compact form possible where Eddy currents ad to the torc and by countless up to 360° parallel inputs highest power can be developed by tiny devices. This Motor Outperforms every combustiontype engine including turbine.

The 3 or other ever setup above combined and alone can be Sourche for laptop batteries car motor lanters and day and night energysourche and drive trains cars ships Moonbases Spacestations and subsea transport propellerplanes helicopters households warming and light bycycles boats washingmachines central heatings and more maby give every electronic and electric device it´s own internal powersupply instead of batteries or netfeeds

Next Update:

For Any and Telescope Builders. You could cool Your telescopes and mirrors and optics and ccd´s  to - 200°C that will strengthen Contrast by factor ten and sharpen Images a Lot. And also will take away the red distorsions what gave wrong measurements and hubble theories and ideas about expanding Universes.,

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